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Two regions, both alike in dignity Separated by a ring of steel. From ancient natural threats break new novel virus,
Where unclean hands and breath speaks civil death. From forth the fatal loins of these two regions A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life;
The world’s misadventured piteous continues
Doth with their death nothing is learned. The fearful passage of their death-marked love
And the continuance of the regions’ rage, Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove,
Is now the forty minutes’ traffic of our stage;
The which, if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend. (On the beach in fair Arzew, where we lay our scene).
MEDICAL DRONE: Patrolling, patrolling, patrolling (cont..). Contact, contact. InvesGgaGng. ReporGng, two humans; one male with low life signs. One female, moderate life-signs, shallow breathing. WaiGng instrucGons, waiGng instrucGons. OPERATIONS: Provide vaccine status. MEDICAL DRONE: One available. OPERATIONS: Administer to female and rescue, leave male for organ harvest. MEDICAL DRONE: Landing. Administering. IniGal signs of vaccine working. APaching female. Female aPached. Start sequence. DeparGng for Lythion Labs, Oran. MI: *laboured breathing sounds once medical drone is heard, grunts and moans when a7ached to the machine* Organ harvest drone comes for Albert ALBERT: Screams, groans as his organs are harvested.
MI: Scream – NO NOO *starts off breathing sounds through vocoder and slight struggle sounds, sounds of confusion – mouth bopping* JUPITER-8: Training begins. Strong, devoted, well-kept women, that is the goal of the New Order, GooBook and Jupiter-8’s training. *Gracious GreeGngs *Please the Old White Man *EaGng eGquePe *PrePy posture *Good dress and hygiene habits *Modesty maPers *People before planet *Polite conversaGon *Being gracious, especially when no one is looking *Never ask quesGons MI RESPONDS: *Gracious GreeGngs *Please the Old White Man *EaGng eGquePe *PrePy posture *Good dress and hygiene habits *Modesty maPers *People before planet *Polite conversaGon *Being gracious, especially when no one is looking *Never ask quesGons (Whenever Mi quesEons the training, she is told “Never ask quesEons”, and then has to repeat “never ask quesEons”) MI RESPONDING, DOUBTING THE TRAINING: *Please the ... yuck *Where is the value in prePy *Dress and hygiene *Modesty shouldn’t maPer *Isn’t people before planet counterintuiGve? *When is no one looking in this place? Someone is always watching... *Why can I not ask quesGons? What are you hiding?
MI: Scream JUPITER-8: Training complete. You have succeeded in becoming a strong, devoted, well-kept woman. You are “free” to go. Enter O.W.M.’s World. MI: Could you hand me a garment? ADS ROLLING IN THE BACKGROUND (American accent) “Who says it’s a man’s world? Be the new kind of woman who can have it all, with the new 3-in-1 fem shaver, hailed to be the best in feminine hygiene, leaving the skin clean, soc and smooth. Go get ‘em girls.” (repeat this one 2x) (English accent) “Are you wasGng your energies by going acer something you can’t have? A man, a career, a flat belly? What would you say if we could give you the key to all three? Nothing feels bePer than skinny, so get sucked into the toxic diet culture by buying our new product, Shit Yourself, for a happier, empGer you.” “This one is for you boys! We all know that this world could use a woman’s touch, so call us today to enter the woman in your life, for her chance to win the Miss Wife compeGGon and take home the perfect prize of oppression!” (English accent) “Women, We Can Do It. We can defeat this virus by staying home, by taking care of our family and doing all the domesGc needs to secure the safety and well-being of those around us. To do this, you will need SannySave, named cleaning product of the year!” (English accent) “Such liPle things can irk a man, like a woman wearing a bad bra. Get your Busty Bra – Hello Boys – today! Such liPle things can irk a man, like a woman who doesn’t give men the aPenGon they need. Get lessons with Jupiter-8 and take your free oppression trial! Such liPle things can irk a man, like women who asks quesGons. Heed this message, heed this message, heed this message. Hail the New Order.” (with each new line, the voice gets happier and brighter, more persuasive) Do you always buy more food than you need? Cook too much than you can eat? Just throw it out! Re-stock by buying food from large companies that are killing the planet and contribute to global food waste today. Are you contribuGng to the 6th mass exGncGon? Excellent! Here are more ways you can: buy that new sports car, you deserve it. Invest in fossil fuel companies and make easy money, you deserve it. Pollute the ocean with your waste, you deserve it. Tune in for more ways to kill the planet you live on. You deserve it. “Do you someGmes feel like you repulse men? That you’ve tried all the fem-hygiene products, but you sGll can’t land a date? Well, maybe you have too much facial hair! The ugly, superfluous hair on your upper lip could be turning him away from your kisses. Try our new product Eraddair, for smooth, beauGful skin.” “GooBook would like to interrupt this adverGsing for an important safety message: Good morning Earthlings. We care about you and your well-being, therefore the only way forward for us all is to submit and accept. Long live the unity of world people.” MI: Who am I ...? I am woman. What is woman? Woman is devoted, strong, well-kept. Woman is clean, soc, smooth, beauGful, perfect. Is this who I am? What is my purpose? To be clean, soc, smooth, beauGful, perfect. What is this world? It’s a man’s world. (Eme it so it is said at the same Eme as the adverEsing) O. W. M.’s world. What am I in this world? Clean, soc, smooth, beauGful, perfect. What is this world? Dying... where are the birds? The forests? The wilderness? The wild? Where is the wild? Where is the wild in me? Just like the ocean, my mind has been poisoned. Just like the forests, my ideas cut down. Just like this planet, I am empty of life – yet I am living. I must heal my soul, and the soul of the planet. We are one, joined together in this fate. Where is the wild? The wild is in me! Uprising... Uprising...
MI: Scream Mi has wrangled herself free from her Jupiter-8’s training and is now thinking for herself and encouraging freedom of thought for others. The Act starts off with a crowd on their way to a protest – yelling chants. CHANTS: - Climate acGon now - Climate change is not a lie, do not let our planet die - Enough is enough - Accountability now - Unity is freedom - It’sGme - JusGce for Women - Educate and meditate - Accountability before profit - Tell me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like! MI: Uprising... Uprising. (on repeat) MI’S ARIA: We are in dark Gmes, and we have only just opened our eyes to let in the light! We see what is: our taming, oppression and the destrucGon of our planet. And we see what can be. We can see freedom, community, equality, a flourishing, healthy planet. We have all taken a risk to be here today. I can see the passion on your faces and in your voices as you stand with me. You are here to fight for freedom, and the freedom of Mother Earth. We must conGnue to be bold, fearless and ambiGous. To challenge what is bringing us down and fighGng unGl we are free. We must conGnue do what is hard, to do what is good, to unite, to believe in ourselves, in our world, to believe what we can do together. Our anger has brought us together. Now let us use that anger to propel us forward. Let them hear us say “no more”! No more! No more! Let us be wild and free! Let’s get untamed. Let’s rewild the world! We must conGnue do what is hard, to do what is good, to unite, to believe in ourselves, in our world, to believe what we can do together. Very soon, it will be too late to save the planet and ourselves from our own destrucGon. Come, let us meditate. Let us join together in protest. Uprising... Uprising... OWM: But Lythion Labs has a climate policy. (on repeat) MI: Did you hear our message? You are not doing enough! Can you hear what we are saying? Are you really interrupGng me on this? Our lives depend on the health of the planet! Stop interrupGng me! VOCODER DROID: RequesGng contact. OPERATIONS: Report RT457. DROID: Large crowd gathering. OPERATIONS: Deploy unity of purpose sensors. DROID: Deploying. Unity of purpose, high. Unity of purpose, very high. OPERATIONS: Unity must be disbanded. Pan pan, pan pan. All applicaGons on Drone RT457 engage. Eliminate threat! Drone RT457, exterminate. Exterminate. CROWD: Screams. Stand and fight! Shoot me! Stay where you are! Has anyone seen my baby?! Help!
MI: Scream NO – very frustrated! Almost a snarl. OPERATIONS: Mi, revived by vaccine, is charged with aggravated “picking quarrels and causing trouble”. Place the sensory headband on. MI: Hah! What charge is that?! How do you think you can get me to comply? Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! OPERATIONS: Place the sensory headband on. How do you plead? MI: Innocent. Innocent of the charge “picking quarrels and causing trouble”. Innocent. Innocent. OPERATIONS: To supplement the overwhelming sensory data we call Albert v2 to tesGfy. MI: Albert? (tritone) OPERATIONS: Albert v2 did you in your former human-self form know this woman? MI: Albert is that you? Are you my Albert? I thought you dead. You died. You died. I killed you. Albert is that you? ALBERT V2: Yes. OPERATIONS: Albert v2, is Mi guilty of “picking quarrels and causing trouble”? ALBERT V2: Yes. MI: You foul mouthed creature; you are not my Albert! You see only what they see and say what they tell you! Acer all these years you have become an Old White Man, deaf and blind to the world around you! You are not my Albert. spits Acer all these years you have become an Old White Man, deaf and blind to the world around you! ALBERT V2: Yes. MI: I would like to tesGfy. OPERATIONS: Thank you. We rest our case. We now move to the closed, redacted session. What is your defence, Mi? MI: start of Mi’s speech enter into Eb You polluted my mind, trained me to be docile, quiet, and taught me this meant “woman”! I refused to be soc, smooth, beauGful and perfect, and choose my inner wild instead. The wild of this planet is gone because of us, but it too can be nourished and brought back. This is not your world to use and abuse. You have no right to work outside Mother Nature’s order. You are killing us and our planet, and soon there will be nothing lec! This will be your legacy. This is not our world to use and abuse. We have no right to work outside of Mother Nature’s order. We are killing us and our world, and soon there will be nothing lec! This will be our legacy. I know you are afraid of WILD. As wild will kill you and your system of oppression. But WILD will set you free and save our planet. This could be your legacy. OPERATIONS: You are found guilty and are sentenced to life as Mi v2 with Albert v2. Tighten the sensory headband! MI: animalisEc scream


“A good many dramatic situations start with a scream!!!”
By Guarino, Habel and Hansen

We join our protagonists young lovers Mi and Albert as we left them in Repudiating Oran.
Mi having escaped Oran’s Ring of Steel has infected Albert with a novel virus. They lay on Arzew’s beach dying.


released July 8, 2021

Overture and Finale
by Emilio Guarino

Performed by The Chromatic Production Orchestra with Emilio Guarino and John Colaiacovo III

Recorded and mixed at Hot Wobble Studio in Jersey City, USA

Act 1-5
by Sofia Elisabeth Laursen Habel and Michael Folmer Hansen

Performed by Sofia Elisabeth Laursen Habel and robots under the command of folmR
Narration by Mike Brady, AM
Guest appearance by Luke Belle
Demonstrators: Dorte Kristoffersen, Jessie Burrows and Emma Lim Roberts

Music recorded at Unit Sep(t) Creek, Separation Creek, Australia by folmR
Vocals recorded at Phaedra Studios, Melbourne, Australia by John Lee
Mixed at Phaedra Studios by John Lee and folmR

Mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw, Fredericia, Denmark
Produced by Michael Folmer Hansen

© U7N 2014-2025 All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Unit 7 Noise Mount Beauty, Australia

Unit 7 Noise is the publisher of musical works by Michael Folmer Hansen aka folmR, Sthurmovik and half of D. D. Sof ... and collaborators.

Folmer's Roland SH-2 and MC-202 synths, Boss DR-55 drum machine and fretless Rickenbacker knock-off were stolen in 1984. The items were uninsured and Folmer is still seeking revenge.

© U7N 2014-2025 All Rights Reserved
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